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  Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Peep Source located?

We are nestled in the nature-filled township of The Woodlands, TX where we enjoy the best nature has to offer with the feel of the city life. We also work with online based businesses, dispersed teams and conduct strategy meetings via Skype, Zoom or by hopping on a call. For in-person events, we pre-plan with you and your team to facilitate onsite.

How are you different from other consultants, specialists or firms in your area?

Peep Source is in the business of helping our clients reach Operational Excellence without the need for significant capital expenditure. We will achieve this by working closely with your teams (online or F2F) to align your strategies, operations, processes and the work of your people to achieve successful outcomes. We fully customize a plan suitable to your business direction where Process Excellence keeps your business objectives in full frame. It is time to be #futureready!

What type of company is Peep Source?

We are a small boutique firm looking to continue working with small to mid-sized businesses, start-ups, solo-preneurs or serial-preneurs.

How much do you charge?

We are a very unique boutique where we tailor all of our services to your specific business needs and projects. Be sure to ask about our bundle packages available for your business type and project needs. We offer you a free strategy session where we brainstorm possible solutions and/or options to help you. Remember, there is always room for improvement! 🙂

Do you only work with US clients?

One of our strenghts is working with remote based teams. We take great pride in transferring our knowledge and equipping your remote teams with the tools and abilities to sustain an ongoing process-improvement capability. Through this approach, we can make a substantial difference to the effectiveness and operating efficiency of your business.


Se Habla Español.

What type of projects do you handle?

We have the capability to work with you on a wide range of short high-impact projects from team events, yearly industry conferences to managing your case study respondent surveys. We are also available to help you with weekly operational KPI management, so that you and your teams receive impartial data to help you grow more. Process Changes Everything!

How does Peep Source help your organization and/or team(s)?

Watch this video to better understand all business clients we can support.


Welcome To The Process Excellence Revolution – Video by PEX Network

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